Purchase Any Series For Your Small Group or Sunday School Class At The Discounted Rates Listed Below

To Purchase A Series For Your Group Please Email Us At:

[email protected]

You may sign up with the group rate in 1 of 2 ways:

1. Make a one-time purchase for a pre-determined group size.

2. Provide an email list of group members who will be sent a unique coupon code and sign up link to purchase the curriculum indidvidually at the discounted rate.



1. Make A One-Time Purchase For A Pre-Determined Group Size

  • Ideal for a church or ministry who would like to purchase a curriculum and give it out for free to participants.
  • You will be sent a private link for members to sign up for free once the purchase has been complete.
  • The offer will be capped at the number of licenses purchased.
  • CrossLife cannot provide a refund for unused licenses.
  • Members will have independent access that will be permanent regardless of their participation in the group that provided the curriculum.
  • Additional licenses may be purchased at the same rate if the need arises.

2. Group Members Receive A Coupon to Enroll Individually At The Group Rate

  1. Ideal for a group who would like each member to purchase the curriculum on their own.
  2. A group administrator must provide a spreadsheet by email to CrossLife with names and emails of group members.
  3. Each group member will receive an email with a unique coupon code to sign up for the curriculum at the group rate.
  4. There is a 15 day grace period from the time of the first group member purchase  where members may sign up at the discounted rate. However, at the end of this period, if fewer members have signed up than is required for the discount, the group administrator will be contacted and the group will have 7 days to resolve the issue. If the issue remains unresolved, access will be blocked for all group members until resolved.

If unresolved after 30 days from the time of first purchase, group members forfeit their purchase and will be provided a refund at CrossLife's discretion.

Example: a group administrator contacts CrossLife and asks for a Large Group discount purchase, and sends a spreadsheet with 30 names. Every person on the spreadsheet is sent a link with a discount code to purchase the curriculum at the 45% discounted rate. However, after 15 days, only 10 people have signed up. At this point, CrossLife will contact the group administrator to resolve the issue. If it is not resolved within 7 days, all group members who have purchased the curriculum will be temporarily blocked from accessing it until the issue is resolved. After 30 days from the time of the first purchase, if the issue is not resolved, all group members will have their membership voided and be sent a refund at the discretion of CrossLife.

  • If more members purchase the curriculum than the group cap, CrossLife will not go back and refund group members the difference. Example: if a group administrator signs a group up for a Small Group purchase at a 25% discount, and the group ends up with 15 members who have purchased the curriculum, CrossLife will not go back and provide a discount to memberships already purchased. However, future group members may receive the additional discount if the administrator notifies CrossLife and requests it.

Any additional questions or inquiries can be addressed by email to [email protected]