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A Bible memory guide to God's great work for families and churches.

The Story of Salvation is a book like no other to help families enter into and live out God's great story in their lives. 

  1. Instruction for young learners (Pre-K-5th grade) and older learners (6th grade to adults).
  2. Full page beautiful illustrations that illustrate the big idea of each lesson
  3. Bible memory verses put to music exclusively composed and recorded for The Story of Salvation to help everyone memorize the key verses naturally and enjoyably.
  4. Free study guide to help families use the book to facilitate discipleship in the home or as part of a child's homeschool curriculum.
  5. K-5 Sunday school curriculum for churches who want to use the book as part of their educational curriculum.

What is The Story of Salvation About?

The Bible is easier to understand when you know the underlying story that unites every book, every chapter, and every verse. This story is constructed of 4 parts: Creation (Genesis 1&2), Fall (Genesis 3), Redemption (Genesis 4 onward), and Consummation (Revelation). The Story of Salvation will help you and your children understand what the Bible teaches us about God, salvation, Jesus, eternal life, the Holy Spirit, and Christian living. Each section includes three lessons with a memory verse, an explanation for younger learners, one for older learners, and a full-page illustration. By the end you will know the Story that holds the whole Bible together, and which serves as the foundation for everything Christians teach and believe.