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When Jesus sent out his disciples two by two, he gave them a challenge. They were to take nothing with them except the bare necessities. As they traveled from town to town they were to rely on the hospitality of local families for housing and provision. Why did Jesus do this? Because he understands that when a minister is put in a position of trusting others for provision, it reinforces in their minds the need for dependence upon God as they spread the gospel.

As we serve the Lord through CrossLife, we need a village of people giving a small portion of what God has given them to provide for our needs.

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What You Are Supporting:

1. The development of multimedia courses to empower biblically rich discipleship in the home and church.

2. The creation of a library of free discipleship guides, tools, and studies in multiple languages for missionaries and believers to use for free anywhere in the world.

3. The production of high-quality, high impact, active-learning teaching series for adults and teens that address critical discipleship questions:

  • the human body
  • gender
  • race
  • sexuality
  • dating
  • marriage
  • womanhood and manhood
  • parenting
  • mental health
  • science
  • justice
  • sociology
  • and much more.

4. The development of K-12 Bible curriculum for any school-aged child.

5. The production of print materials in multiple languages to empower discipleship in the home among believers around the world.

6. Local and regional conferences where Jonathan and Kathleen train church leaders and congregations on a variety of topics relevant to discipleship in the home.

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